Astrology can be a rich tool that we can use for self-development and empowerment. This blueprint of the sky when you were born reflects your soul and its destiny. The goal is for you to learn to manifest your most positive qualities and potential and also work on some of the deeper emotional issues that might be obstacles to the development of your soul on its life path. Astrology is a means to gaining greater understand and to live more effectively.

Astrology is the study of the connections and energy patterns between planets in our solar system and life on earth. It is believed that these energies affect our lives as individuals as well as community and our society as a whole. The astrological chart or otherwise known as birth chart is a record of the relationship between the planets and the signs of the zodiac. It is the personal imprint of each individual when they were born.

The “birth Chart” or a “Natal Chart” is a diagram that shows where the planets were at the exact moment of your birth. Through the interpretation of these symbols you are able to discover a wide range of information about many areas of your life and may even give a glimpse of your future path.

Having an astrology reading of your birth chart can give you an overview of your personality and lead you to self-understanding and acceptance. You can learn to understand the cycles that are at work in your life and give you a renewed purpose. By realizing the patterns that are at play in your life can ensure you are making the most of your opportunities for self growth. You can improve relationships with others by better understanding yourself and finally decisions may become clearer for you on your path.

Astrology consultations are conducted through skype so the distance doesn’t matter we only need to find a time that suits us both. This includes a recording of the consultation.
Usually a person comes to a consultation with a particular problem in mind. It could be a life crisis or a turning point or even lack of direction. Curiosity is also a reason for making an appointment and all are valid reasons.
The consultation lasts around 1 hour and you will have the recording to refer back to as well as the charts that were used for the interpretation.


There are different options for consultations:


Birth Chart reading

This is the most common form of consultation and is an excellent way to experience astrology and its benefits. This gives you a general overview of your strengths and challenges. It can cover talents, personality, relationships with parents and vocational guidance but also anything you may wish to discuss. The insights you glean from this consultation can help you understand yourself better and your personal expectations. You can also learn when there are pivotal turning points in your life and prepare to make the most of these opportunities for success and personal achievement. This hour can also include trends that are coming up in the next year.

Transits and forecasting a follow up to the natal reading

This is a continuation of the natal chart interpretation and goes deeper into studying your life cycles. We look at where you are at in the cycles of your life and what is coming up for you on the horizon within the next few years. We study the general trends that are on the horizon. How to prepare for the difficult transits and how to take advantage of the auspicious ones to make huge improvements in your life and where it is going. We can look at areas of concern and also pick the best times for events, new starts and projects.

Relocation / Travel astrology

This is combined with a short natal interpretation. Once we know more about your inherent traits we can study how different parts of the world will affect you in different ways. Whether you are going for a short vacation, a big move away from home or even just a move down the block. Relocation astrology looks at how you may be feeling energetically in this new location. Different parts of us are highlighted and accentuated in different parts of the world. Some places are better for vacation and relaxation and others good for work related activities.


This helps couples to evaluate potentials in their relationship. It will also show them the pitfalls of the relationship. Most importantly each person will see the others individual approach to relationships and help them understand each other better. The goal is to develop a positive vision of the future of their relationship and learn to give each other support where and when they need it.

Find your birth time

The time of birth is vital to an accurate astrological interpretation. Many people don’t know the time they were born. If you can’t find your time of birth you will need to request a special process called “rectification”. You must indicate as many events in your life that you can remember to the day if not the hour. These events match up with astrological events that hone in on the birth time. Once you have the rectified birth chart then you are able to begin your astrological journey.

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