Everything revolves around the Sun, thus all of the other planets and asteroids show a reflection of the Sun and assist the Sun in becoming all that it can be. During the day only the Sun is visible in the sky with the exception of the faint image of the Moon during the phases around the Full Moon—the Sun dominates the day and people born during the day, have the Sun as their guiding light.

The house placement of the Sun shows where we want to shine and the areas of life where we gain most of our lessons and growth —how we accomplish our mission in life. The Sun represents our spirit, the divine spark within encompassed by the divine protection of the never-ending, whole circle.

The Sun represents what we strive to be, the other planetary energies support the action or non-action being illuminated by the light of the Sun.

Key concepts: The controller, our will and vitality, our will power, our mission and purpose in life, our father, life, energy, our driving force, intent, need for recognition, concerned with the future, people in authority over us, identity, sameness, self, character, personality, ego i.e. conscious self, and self-esteem, what is important to us, becoming aware and awareness, the Sun is logical.

We then begin to build the picture using aspects, which are the connections the planetary energies may have to each other.

  • Sun-Mars aspect strengthens the vim and vigour of a person, adds physical strength

  • Sun-Saturn aspect adds a component of control and endurance

  • Sun in the first house makes for a strong personality

  • Sun in the seventh house invests a lot of energy on relationships

  • Sun on the MC works for its recognition in the public arena

Definitions from etymology

Identity is formed from Latin idem meaning same, and Latin entitas meaning over and over again—the process of developing identity in the course of time through repetition.

Ego is Latin for ‘I’ (and comes in fact from the same Indo-European base as produced English I). English originally acquired it in the early 19th century as a philosophical term for the ‘conscious self’, and the more familiar modern uses — ‘self-esteem’, or more derogatorily ‘self-importance’, and the psychologist’s term (taken up by Freud) for the ‘conscious self’.

Sun sign based horoscopes

The Sun in astrology is like the spot-lights on the stage at the theatrical stage that is our life, which draw our gaze onto one of the characters more than the others. Astrology divides our everyday life into 12 stages or sets, once a year the lights are switched on one by one, just imagine hearing the sound of the switch being thrown to light up the spot light. This is what Sun sign astrology focuses on, which set is lit up for the month based on the Sun’s yearly cycle. The sets or stages are self, money, communication, home, children, work/health, relationships, commitment, expansion, status, friends and the subconscious to give each area but one word. One of these areas is lit up as the centre stage each month that is where bulk of the action is.


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