Each year, the predictable cycle of the sun brings a spotlight in each of the areas of life for a month. The month when the Sun is in our own sign is about making New Year’s resolutions for our personal year. The month that follows is about assessing our values and priorities plus paying attention to our personal resources and money. The third month is about thinking, communicating and being active in our daily life; spending time with siblings and within our immediate daily environment. The fourth one brings family matters into the picture. The fifth month following our birthday (we use the Sun cycle, which begins around the 20-21 of each month), is about our hobbies, children and affairs of the heart—that which makes our heart sing. The sixth month is about being of service, our health and well being, and our daily tasks and jobs. The seventh month, during which the Sun is in the opposite sign of ours, relating and relationships are important. The eight month is about our commitments both emotional and material, it is also a more reflective period, when we could be reviewing things we’d rather not think about: death, taxes and the meaning of life. The ninth month begins a more socially aware time, and potentially an annual revisit to figuring out what we truly desire. We could be faced with our own outdated convictions and opening our doors to the world to hear some contrasting viewpoints. It might be the time for some travel and expansion of our horizons. The tenth month (about three months prior to our next birthday) is about career, bosses and our status/standing in society. If everything is going smoothly not much to do, but if not the Sun sheds light on what could be and what isn’t. It is for us to choose something different. The eleventh month of your personal year is about friendships, networking and connecting with groups as well as making a few new choices for the next year by posing the question: “What are my dreams and wishes”. Talk it out with friends and colleagues, once given voice, it is easier for ideas to begin taking shape. The month that precedes our birthday, the twelfth one, is a time to take stock of our year, schedule some rest and relaxation time, and plan for our new year. Think of what those resolutions for your year ought to be, in order to be ready to act, when that birthday once again rolls around.


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Learn Taiji (Tai Chi) in a interactive and live environment. Participate in a virtual classroom with a professional teacher in real time.

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Do you exercise? How do you feel, is it too hard to make the time? Maybe you don’t like the gym, it’s not for everyone. Yoga? Pilates? But you aren’t doing it?

Fitness Move offers a workplace wellness programme called WORKFIT. We promote movement in your workplace to lower your risk of LOM (lack of movement) syndrome and Office Syndrome.